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Benefits Of Businesses Advertising On The Tradesman Tracker App

When problems arise, regardless of its nature, people would normally turn towards the Internet. If you are facing problems in your home such as electrical, plumbing, painting or furniture, you can simply browse online for the solution to the problem. One of the most popular ways of dealing with home problems is through hiring a tradesman. In fact, a lot of people use the Internet to find local tradesman who can carry out home projects. There are also a growing number of consumers who prefer to use their iPhone in searching for a local tradesman.

If your business is involved in homebuilding particularly those providing various tradesman services, you should have your business listed in the Tradesman Tracker App’s list. This website has a growing market that can help you effortlessly spread the word about the services you provide. Unlike other forms of media where you may now be advertising your business, the advertising through this iPhone App gives you a more affluent potential market. Usually, people use their iPhone to look for a tradesman who can instantly complete the task on hand.

Advertising with the Tradesman Tracker allows you to put the details about your business right at the fingertips of your clients. The advertisement cost is also very friendly. With an annual fee of just £105, you can already tap a huge market comprised of real estate businesses, landlords and homeowners. Clients can easily access the details about your business in seconds.

Even more interesting, having listed in the Tradesman Tracker App is very easy. You simply have to access its web portal, complete the simple application form and pay the fee using a comfortable payment format. The account will be set up immediately. So, the next clients who will find a local tradesman can already access your details. You can enjoy an increase in sales lead instantly after being listed.

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Benefits Of Businesses Advertising On The Tradesman Tracker App

For the ordinary homeowner who wants to find local tradesman, the Internet offers the most comprehensive list of possible workers. There are hundreds or even thousands of options available for them. Not to mention, browsing over the Internet is very convenient. You can do whenever and wherever you feel comfortable. But with the coming of the iPhone and other smartphones, searching for a tradesman has been brought to the next level.


A lot of consumers nowadays would use their iPhone to locate the nearest tradesman. Aside from the thousands of homeowners who use their iPhones in search for a tradesman, there are also businessmen, real estate developers, and landlords that use this same technology to search for practical solutions to their problems. One of the first apps specifically designed for finding a local tradesman is the Tradesman Tracker App. This application is essential for people who require the services of a tradesman. They would simply need to use their iPhone and look for tradesman working within the neighborhood.

Since the services of a tradesman are crucial, this app enjoys a steady amount of users. As a matter of fact, the number of people using this application is increasing every year.

But apart from providing solutions to the problems of many homeowners, landlords and real estate agents, the Tradesman Tracker App also provides a great platform where businesses related with homebuilding can advertise their products and services. The ever increasing number of users of this app is a huge potential market that businesses can take advantage of. Unlike other advertising media, the Internet guarantees a steady stream of traffic which you can turn into instant sales.

If your target population is in the home building market and you want your business to get noticed, you must consider advertising with the Tradesman Tracker App. This will provide you with a good number of potential clients.

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Benefits Of Using The Tradesman Tracker App: Get The Tradesman With The Lowest Service Charge

If you have home repair project that need to be done, you would certainly want to hire the best service for the lowest possible price. There are a lot of factors that affect the pricing of skilled work. Usually, the cost of services that tradesmen charge varies depending on the magnitude of the job done. If the job entails a more work from the tradesman, the tradesman would charge higher cost of services. Another factor that has to be considered is the type of project at hand. For example, electrical type of jobs can cost more than minor home repairs. Obviously, tasks that require additional skills cost higher than those that require minimal or no special skill.

The level of expertise of the tradesman also affects the pricing. When you are out to find local tradesman, you’ll be surprised at the wide difference between their price quotes. This is so because the most experienced workers would charge higher than newbie workers. However, these specialized workers guarantee better services. You are actually paying for their expertise and experience hence you can rest assured that the job will be completed well.

In order to find local tradesman that offer services at reasonable prices, you can use the Tradesman Tracker App. This specialized application gives you a long list of possible workers to hire. You can contact all or some of them and ask for quote. This way you’ll be able to select the service provider that offers the best service for less. Compared with browsing online or checking the yellow pages, the Tracker App gives you the liberty to find a tradesman whenever you are comfortable. All you have to do is to download and install this app in your iPhone or smartphone and start searching for a local tradesman that can carry out the home project for the lowest possible price.

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Why Use The Tradesman Tracker App?

In the past, finding a local tradesman was in itself a challenging task. If you have a home project to be done, you would rather want to do it by yourself instead of looking for a tradesman. You would be better off being a handyman instead of visiting or calling up a local worker. But with the coming of the digital age, looking for a tradesman has become relatively easy. Nowadays, you can find local tradesman by simply browsing online or using your smartphone. You can use the tradesman tracker app to locate and contact the nearest skilled worker that meets your home needs. In fact, you can find countless names by simply using this tracker app.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to face some emergency projects. In these situations, you would definitely want to call someone who can respond instantly to your needs. By using a tracker app, you’ll be able to contact and hire the services of a worker suited for the project at hand. No need to wait until tomorrow or the following day for the task to be completed. You can hire a tradesman that can work right away and complete the task the same day. This is especially helpful if the problem you are faced with disrupts your every day routine or gets to your way. For example, if there is an electrical problem and the power supply has shut off, you would certainly want the problem to be fixed at once.

It is not only homeowners that benefit in using the Tradesman Tracker App. Businesses would also experience situations where they require the services of a skilled worker instantly. Although most business establishments have general services department or an in-house troubleshooter, it is not unusual to face ill-timed problems. When such situations arise, you will definitely need to look someone who can go to the rescue. Some of the common problems that businesses face include leaking ceiling, stuck plumbing, and power failure. To avoid turning away your clients, you have to find local tradesman and have the problem fixed.

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Benefits Of Using The Tradesman Tracker App

The services offered by a tradesman can never be discounted. These skilled workers are experts in various fields of specialty. You can find local tradesman specializing in painting, plumbing, electrical works and other home needs. They provide essential services for the common household problems that we face every day.

In the past, when common home problems such as electrical failure or drainage leaks arise, you are left with only two options – you can either carryout the fix by yourself or personally visit a tradesman to do the work. Nowadays, finding a skilled worker to do the fix is just at the tip of your finger. You can choose from among the countless tradesmen advertising their services online. To contact the nearest tradesman, all you have to do is to browse online. Better yet, you can download a tradesman tracker app which can help you locate the tradesman providing services in your neighborhood. Sometimes we are pressed to find local tradesman during the most inopportune time. Using this tracker app, you’ll be able to contact them in an instant.

If you urgently need the services of a tradesman, for example the electrical supply suddenly exploded and it is necessary to have it repaired, you can easily use the tracker app to determine the nearest local tradesman who can respond to your emergency need. There are a lot of instances wherein you need an instant fix.

Although a lot of people would want to do the fix on their own, it may be quite risky if you are not actually trained for that work. This is especially true for electric jobs wherein a minor mistake can be very costly and risky. For specialized home tasks, it would always be better to ask the help of someone who really know what he or she is doing. You do not only put yourself at risk, you also avoid unnecessary errors.

Download the Tradesman Tracker App Today

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The Vital Role of Tradesmen

There is often a lot of talk in the media about how the traditional ‘trades’ are in decline – but tradesmen are still hugely vital to our society and economy. After all, imagine where we’d be without electricians: you need a qualified electrician to carry out the vast majority of electrical work, meaning that we’d all be left in the dark without them. And that’s just one example of why the tradesman industry is still so vital today, no matter how much things have changed elsewhere.

Tradesmen are able to handle a wide variety of jobs, including planned maintenance work and refurbishment, as well as emergency jobs that need taking care of straight away. Both of these aspects of their work are vital – everything needs a bit of TLC or an upgrade every now and then, and you can never predict when you might need emergency assistance with something such as a hole in the roof.

These are skilled jobs: people who work in the tradesman industry typically have to spend years training or working as an apprentice in order to get the qualifications they need. On top of that, they have to comply with all the relevant building legislation and regulations, which can be a big job in itself. All of this is to ensure that the work they carry out is of the highest standards and will last their clients for as long as possible.

If this sounds like something of an ode to tradesmen and women… well, it is. Sometimes it’s worth taking a step back and thinking about the vital work they do and the skills they need in order to be able to do it. Hopefully the next time you need assistance at home or work from a tradesman for whatever reason, they’ll prove just why we still need this vital industry – and why we always will.

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What Roles do Tradesmen Typically Carry Out?

Tradesmen are responsible for carrying out a wide range of jobs that help our lives to run smoothly on a regular basis. In this article, we take a look at some of the most common roles carried out by tradesmen to give you a better idea of the sort of thing they get up to on a day to day basis.

Fixing pipes
Pipes run well most of the time, but they have the capacity to freeze, burst, degenerate with age and wear and tear… Any one of these things could cause a problem that needs to be taken care of properly, and dealing with issues such as burst pipes is the bread and butter work of many tradespeople.

Dealing with boilers
Boilers are another essential feature of many of our lives, but most of us have very little (if any) idea of exactly how our boiler works – and we’d be clueless if something ever went wrong with them. It’s just as well, then, that there are tradesmen out there who know exactly what they’re doing and how to deal with all sorts of boiler problems.

Unblocking drains
This is another job that needs to be done from time to time, but it can often be unpleasant and drains aren’t always easy to reach. This is why so many people hire professional tradesmen to take care of it for them.

Replacing windows
Replacing windows takes a certain amount of skill and many people wouldn’t even know where to start. Hiring a tradesman to do it ensures that the job will be done well and that your new window will be of the highest quality.

Fixing the roof
Finally, a problem with the roof has the potential to bring the whole house down – literally in some cases. This is why expert tradesman support is so much appreciated when we need a hole fixing or some tiles replacing on our roofs.

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New Ways to Find Tradesmen

As long as we have buildings (and we assume we always will), we are going to need tradesmen. From roofing specialists to tradesmen who are skilled at replacing windows, carpenters, plumbers, carpet fitters and electricians, there is a wide range of trades that are absolutely vital to our society.

This means that we all need the services of a tradesman from time to time, either because we have an emergency that needs fixing or because we have some routine maintenance or improvements we’d like made. Either way, it is important to choose the right tradesman for the job.

In the past, the phone directory was the main source of information when it came to finding someone to hire. Now, smartphone apps are taking on that mantel, providing directories of local tradesmen that you can search and choose from. A good example of this is the Tradesman Tracker App, which uses GPS technology to work out where you are and suggests local tradesmen based on your location. You can also enter your postcode to find tradespeople for a different area.

This helps to streamline the process of choosing the right person to carry out the work in question. It also eliminates the need for a bulky phone book, which is always welcome! Every tradesperson who signs up to the app also has to sign up to the relevant Code of Practice, which helps to ensure good service – quality of work can never be guaranteed, but it can’t be guaranteed if you search through the phone book, either.

One of the benefits of searching for tradesmen this is way is that they are all in one place, in a single app rather than spread out across the phone book under headings as diverse as ‘interior designers’ and ‘glaziers’. If you’ve got a smartphone and are in need of a tradesman, an app such as the Tradesman Tracker App could be worth a go.

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