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What is Tradesman Tracker?
Tradesman Tracker is an online search facility and GPS tracking business directory App for the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. The App utilises GPS satellite technology built in to iPhones and Smartphones to establish users and tradesmen’s geographical locations within seconds to generate lists of trade people in close proximity to users locations. The App also allows users to use the GPS tracking technology to search for tradesmen in other chosen postcode locations of their choice. Our online search facility provides a similar experience to users when they enter their Postcode location in to our search facility.
Where can I get the App?
The Tradesman Tracker App is available in the App Store and Play Store.
Is the App free to download?
The App is free for users to download and use from the App Store and Play Store. Any updates will also be free to download.
How does the App work?
Using GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, the App communicates through mobile device antennas to a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location information in all weather conditions of where users mobile devices are located on earth using longitude and latitude coordinates. It sends this information back to mobile devices that then communicate online with our server to search for the type of tradesmen users are looking for that have listed their details on our server with their longitude and latitude coordinates. Our server then sends this information back to users handsets providing them with a list of various tradesmen within the closest proximity to their GPS locations. Results are always indexed in order of closest proximity to users to provide reliable results.
How much does it cost to advertise my business on the online search facility and App?
There are various listing options available to businesses that wish to advertise their services on the App over different geographical area ranges. If businesses wish to get listed on our online search facility and App, they can call 0800 002 9745 and one of our representatives will assist them accordingly. Alternatively, businesses can complete an online enquiry form on our ‘Get Listed’ page and one of our representatives will respond within 24hrs to provide assistance.
Am I guaranteed to get new enquiries if I list my business on the online search facility and App?
Tradesman Tracker cannot guarantee advertisers of how many enquiries they will receive if they list their business in our directory. We are confident advertisers will receive enquiries and more enquiries will be received by advertisers that advertise their business over a larger area. Sometimes other factors can determine how many enquiries advertisers receive. If advertisers do not have a website or have a website that disappoints users or if advertisers do not answer all of their telephone calls, Tradesman Tracker cannot be responsible if they do not receive enquiries as a result.
How do I place an order for a listing?
Businesses can place an order for a listing either by going to the ‘Get Listed’ section on this website and submitting an enquiry or by calling the telephone number provided. Alternatively, businesses can select the ‘Advertise’ link on the App itself which will divert users to the same page. This can be found towards the bottom of the homepage on the App or by going to the ‘Advertise’ link that can be found in the ‘Info’ tab section at the end of the row of tabs at the bottom of every page on the App. When an enquiry form is submitted, one of our representatives will call back within 24 hrs to go through the order process.
Is it just trades people that can advertise their business with Tradesman Tracker?
No. Other types of businesses can advertise their services on the App providing their goods and services are relevant to the trade industry. For example, a general mechanic or van hire business can advertise on the App because tradesmen often need the services of these types of businesses. This also applies to businesses including Accountants, Building Surveyors, Solicitors and Estate Agents. Tradesmen need to use the services of these types of businesses and therefore these types of businesses are all relevant to the spirit of the Tradesman Tracker business directory and gives users more choice.
How long will it take for a listing to go live after I have placed an order?
Once an order has been placed and payment has been made, a listing will go live within two working days at the latest. More often than not, listings will go live the same day if orders are placed on a working day before 4pm. Listings can go live within one hour of us receiving an application depending on our workload.
Can I amend my listing at a later date and is there a charge to do so?
Advertisers can amend their listings as often as they like. There is no additional charge to do so. Amendments can be made by way of telephone or by way of email to the address provided in the ‘Contact Us’ section on this website or the App.
Does Tradesman Tracker guarantee or warrant the work undertaken by businesses that list their details in it’s directory?
Tradesman Tracker cannot guarantee or warrant the goods or services offered by businesses that advertise in our directory. At which time users leave our site and visit advertisers websites, purchase or subscribe to their goods or services, users are then bound by the terms and conditions of those websites, tradesmen and service providers. Tradesman Tracker assumes no responsibility or warrants advertisers goods or services.

Can I cancel my listing with Tradesman Tracker at any time and how do I cancel my Listing?

Advertiser’s can cancel their listing with us at any time but they will need to make payment to us for the minimum agreement period in accordance with our Terms of Service. If advertiser’s wish to cancel their listing with us they will need to either email a cancellation request to us or put it in writing to us by way of post. Tradesman Tracker cannot accept cancellation of a listing by way of telephone, mobile phone, answering machine or SMS text message. Advertiser’s can browse our Cancellation or our Terms of Service links that can be found in the footer section of every page of our website for further details.